The Stourbridge BID Task Group

If you decide a BID is right for your location you will need to have a team to take it forward. You may have an existing partnership or you may need to put one together. Either way, creating a BID task group to drive the BID process will be critical to its success.

BID areas have a wide range of interested parties and all have a stake in their place. It is essential to identify who they are. The database you have developed from the previous step will ensure that you can easily do this. BID task groups give about an hour a week of their time to manage and deliver the BID process. Membership should reflect the sectoral make-up of your place and generate an action-orientated approach. It is important to define the role of the BID task group with a terms of reference.

The team of people you bring together will have a range of skills, expertise and experience. They will ensure accurate decision-making, reflecting the priorities of the businesses on the ground. This strong connection with the business community provides credibility and relevance during the BID development phase. Typically a place will need to appoint a BID project manager. The role of this person is pivotal to the BID development process, ensuring it is timely and has the necessary momentum. Alongside the BID task group, this is a key appointment and time should be taken to identify the right calibre of person.

You will also need to allow for a design and communications capability. A successful BID development programme will require a distinct, relevant and recognisable campaign logo and the ability to produce engaging material using a variety of platforms.

David Harcourt – Chair Stourbridge Chamber of Trade

Hello I’m David Harcourt. I am currently the President of Stourbridge and District Chamber of Trade,a role I have held on numerous occasions over the last 30 years. I worked for Waitrose as a manager for over 40 years  which has enabled me to work and engage with traders and businesses throughout the town. I have been instrumental in bringing into town the Stourbridge Carnival, nearly 30 years ago, revitalising the Christmas lights nearly 20 years ago with my colleague Roger Eames and for bringing floral  colour and charm to Stourbridge winning nine gold medals and many other Heart of England in Bloom awards. In this time of some uncertainty it is heartening to note that over 100 million pounds of capital investment  has been invested in Stourbridge over the last seven years not counting refurbishments.
Increasingly, the local authority is being financially squeezed of funds, there are fewer Police and it is likely things will get tighter.
In my view this makes the BIDs a fantastic opportunity to help and support our town during the next five years. The BIDs will engage all businesses ensuring we can keep our town secure, clean and attractive, improve our car parking arrangements and offering a great range of events to attract customers and visitors. I have been passionate about our town for a long time and this is one opportunity that can make a positive difference and one we cannot afford to miss.

Kelley Dyas – Manager of The Ryemarket Shopping Centre

Stourbridge has always had a thriving business community and over recent years we are being faced by more challenges and unfortunately cut backs in funding across the board. A Stourbridge BID would offer the businesses of the town an opportunity to work together to raise funds and have control of where and how the money would be spent to improve the health and vitality of the town centre, whether it was improving parking, signage, cleanliness, security or marketing for the town. Other local town centres are already going through the process and Stourbridge does not want to be left behind without the funds to ensure the viability and vitality of the town. I believe that the business community working together is the way forward for the town and would urge businesses to help us to establish the BID and to put forward positive and constructive ideas to help to improve the future of Stourbridge town centre.

Roger Eames – Owner of Celebrations – High Street

Our family have been involved in retailing in Stourbridge since the 19th century, the town has so much to offer and I really believe the BID opportunity is the best way forward to take all of our great heritage and transform our town into an exciting 21st century destination

Mo Aswat - Director
Mosaic Partnership

Mo brings extensive Place Management experience to the company, and is the Founder and Director of The Mosaic Partnership - a leading consultancy specialising in Place Management with a track record of 87 successful BIDs in the UK to date. Mo has authored multiple best practice guides on BIDs and place management over the last 10 years. He has been a featured speaker nationally and internationally in the US, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands and Austria. Mo has previously served on the Board of the ATCM and is a Fellow of the Institute of Place Management at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is also a director of a family-owned property company that specialises in the refurbishment of industrial and leisure buildings both nationally and abroad

Jamie Whittingham – Pub watch chair / Manager of Chicagos

I would welcome a BID scheme to Stourbridge having seen the huge benefits being experienced in other towns that a BiD operates. The BID would allow us as businesses to have a voice in relation to issues affecting us. Everyone would benefit from increased footfall, improved staff retention, cross marketing and networking opportunities with neighbouring businesses. It also forms a body to enable its members to communicate with police, council and other local bodies.

Sam McCrone – Owner Jewellery Inspired – Ryemarket

The bid correctly handled will see my business save money and benefit proportionally. Any investment needs to be approached with caution, that’s how I have approached the Bid and to date can only see benefits with some grey areas that can be addressed. I want to see Stourbridge prosper and my business grow as a result. As part of the task group I hope to lend my experience to achieve this. We need practical and workable ideas that improve the quality of footfall, security and access to the town can only be a positive move. The vast majority of bids that have worked well have been down to the participation of ALL the business involved. It will not solve everything, however it should only benefit those that pay directly into it. Stourbridge needs strong leadership and I hope the bid will take us towards that. A marketing plan with a list of business and their services would be a step in the right direction. Parking, crime and what the town has to offer are areas that I would like to see developed. Money saving schemes where all business work as a co-operative would be great.

Cllr Nic Barlow
Local councillor

I support the Stourbridge BID because it is gives local businesses the opportunity to have a real say in what goes on in our town centre, and the surrounding locality; it will be a chance to enhance the safety, security and environment of those shopping and working in Stourbridge, thereby promoting the area more positively to encourage greater footfall and attract new businesses. The BID gives businesses the ability to set their priorities and lead on delivering improvements and that is why I am behind the Stourbridge BID.


Matt Wistow
Talbots Solicitors

Even though we are now just outside of the ‘BID Boundary’, Talbots Law is delighted to voluntarily support and participate in the BID should it be approved. As a leading independent local business we recognise the opportunity that the BID will provide for local businesses to have an active role in improving the trading environment and increasing trade for the businesses of Stourbridge. We would encourage the businesses of Stourbridge to engage with and support the BID process.

Aileen Woodward
Branch Manager, Waitrose

Within the food retail industry we are experiencing major changes and are up against tough commercial pressures. To keep up with the challenging market and changing consumer demands, we have to think of new ways of working to satisfy Customer demands and to provide sustainability.